You’re making motivation so broad that it’s a catch-all term. You can do that with anything and argue only one side, which, ironically, ends up being a very narrow view.

That’s like deflecting the meaning of life question with “nothing has meaning” every time. It’s impossible to argue with because that person had made up their mind.

You can do it, but what good does it do for you?

I’m not defining motivation the way you do here. I’m talking about the thing that gets us to take repeated action in the right direction.

And that won’t be the same reason or same goal every time, because even the greatest goal won’t keep you from feeling like shit some days when you wake up and not want to do anything.

If you’ve ever shown up at work on a day when you really didn’t feel like it, but you did your job anyway, you know what I’m talking about.

Your motivation clearly told you something else, but you did what was right anyway. Maybe if you separate it into short-term and long-term motivation it makes more sense?

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