You’ll Retire 3 Times in Your Life

And there is no reason to be 65 for any of them

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1. The first time you’ll retire is when you stop living by society’s expectations.

For most of my life, I did what was expected of me — even though hardly anyone ever expressed any specific expectations. Isn’t that crazy? That’s how society works.

2. The second time you’ll retire is when you start living below your means.

I decided to be a writer in 2012. I became a writer in 2014. I didn’t just quit everything and hoped for the best. That’s not how life works — at least most of the time — and so most of the time, it helps to have a plan.

3. The third time you’ll retire is when you focus on the work you truly love.

My first year of freelancing also showed me how easy it is to slip back into the “grind until you’re old” trap, even if you’re doing work you’re good at and aren’t at the mercy of a bad boss.

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