You Don’t Need New Friends

You need to not lose the friends you have. One friend for a lifetime is worth a thousand “connections.”

Chances are, you’re worrying too much about where you’re headed and too little about who you’ll leave behind. Reconnect with the people you love.

When I catch up with a friend after yet another year has passed, I always joke at the end: “See you next year!” It’s funny, sad, and true at the same time.

I just talked to a friend like that. She lives far away. It’s been eight years, but we’re still in touch. “These memories are too good to let go,” I said.

It’s not about the memories. It’s about the bond you form because of them. That bond is like a warm pillow in your pocket: Every time you touch it, your heart feels content and fuzzy. It’s inner peace at the push of a button, and today, that button is your FaceTime app.

Never let chasing new people take precedence over taking care of the people you already know you want in your life.

What’s that saying? Make new friends but keep the old — one is silver, the other is gold.

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