Wow. I’ve talked about this a lot with friends but hadn’t found the time and courage to write about it yet. You literally spoke my mind. Much respect, especially to address this as a woman and basically call your peers out on this BS.

As a 5'7" man, I can assure you the prejudice is real. And even though I think putting “please beg 6” or taller” in your Tinder bio is ridiculous, I’ve now come to see it’s probably still better (or at least more honest) than the whole passive-aggressive “I’m X height” game without context. Okay, now what?

I 100% agree that it’s a confidence issue on part of the person feeling the need to use it as some kind of sorting mechanism. My confidence does not depend on who I stand next to, but that takes time to learn!

Really really appreciate you writing this, thank you!

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