What’s also really interesting is that, I think, morality is still the most profitable path in the long run. Especially when so many people claim to be, but few are.

Look at the number of people including CTAs in their Member posts here. Just because they can get away with it. And even if it was officially allowed, it’s still not the right thing to do. It’s very easy to understand that if you pay a $5 premium-fee, you want a premium experience. Which includes not being tricked into an individual author’s other offers. It says ‘no advertising.’ That’s what Medium and readers want. So no advertising is the right thing to do. Regardless of what’s allowed or condoned.

The problem is it’s hard to prove that integrity pays. And so while, technically, capitalism might provide the right incentives, they’re too far out for most people to go for them and they choose short-term gain instead. Then again, as you said, it’s also just human nature…

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