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EVERYTHING IS A STORYTheme: The emotional fundamentals of human communication.
Concept: If you suck at storytelling, you don't just fail at communicating, you miss out on being a leader.
Hero: Our favorite movie characters.
Villain: Our inability to communicate based on how people respond emotionally.
Act 1 - Hook: Unlike some of our heroes, we suck at telling stories.Inciting Incident: Given the opportunity to tell a story, we often miss out on making the most of it, because we never learned the basics.Act 2 - Build: There's a framework we can use to make sure our stories always resonate, even if they're not perfect.Escalation: Even a short, five-line anecdote from How I Met Your Mother neatly follows the basic premises of the framework.
All is Lost: If the screenwriters hadn't used a similar template, Ted's analogy wouldn't make any sense. That's how important it is.
Breakthrough: You don't have to be perfect in using it, but by doing so, all of your stories will improve.
Act 3 - Payoff: Telling stories isn't some rare occurrence, we do it all the time, which is why it's important.Climax: We don't have to be as great as movie characters running off a script, but if we lack the fundamentals, we not only fail to make ourselves heard, we fail to lead and make change. And that's what being human is about.

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