This is a trap. I used to edit a ton of videos when I was younger too. Fun fact: I actually had one of the most popular AMVs for Kingdom Hearts way back when :)

I still like it, both the grind parts of it as well as seeing everything come together. Looking back, I could just as easily have gone heavy into video editing 4 years ago and come out loving it just as much as I do writing today.

It’s true, you HAVE to experiment and go all-in on things when you feel it, but make no mistake: you can pick your passions as much as you can pick a job or a spouse.

The dangerous part of jumping too much or at the wrong time is that you’ll end up with a different passion 2 years later, realizing it has the same ups and downs, minus the results you would have gotten if you doubled down on your other one.

From afar, I can’t tell whether you enjoy video or writing more, or in which format you appear happier, so for all I know, you can be both. A vriter, if you will. But I understand you might have to give this thing all you’ve got, so wishing you nothing but the best!

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