The Stoic’s Response to Corona

“What do I control here?” is the question you need right now

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What do I control here?

Before reacting, initiating, even thinking or processing your feelings, make an effort to dissect what’s in your grasp from what isn’t — and detach from the latter. You’ll be calmer, act more rationally, and won’t abandon hope at the first sign of difficulty.

  • What protective measures your government will take
  • Which countries you can still travel to, be it for work or pleasure
  • How much of your money will be refunded from previously booked trips
  • Whether your city will impose a curfew or not
  • Which goods are available in the store whenever you go shopping
  • If your company will allow you to work from home or not
  • Avoiding handshakes and close, face-to-face contact
  • Staying home unless it’s important or necessary to go out
  • Letting everyone you’ve had contact know when you feel sick
  • Advocating for a work-from-home policy at your company
  • Proactively calling travel agencies for refunds
  • Buying what you need but not hogging what others could use

What do I control here?

That’s the Stoic’s response to corona — and it can handle much more than a virus.

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