The One Virtue You Should Take Away From 2020 Is Patience

If nothing else, let this year teach you to endure

Niklas Göke


Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Unsplash

When nothing works, you stop trying and start waiting. That’s a valuable lesson to learn: When to do and when to endure.

Children might learn it at the supermarket, when mommy, despite their loudest and most attention-grabbing efforts, won’t budge and buy them their candy.

Teenagers might learn it when falling in love. How long must your crush ignore you before you give up?

Adults might learn it when they first get too tired to fight against a current they don’t control. When your boss is too mean, your grandpa too sick, or your child skips school too often, at some point, you must let go. At the very least, you must take a break and get help — and that too requires patience.

No matter how many opportunities life gives you to learn patience, no number can guarantee you will. Many of us remain stubborn beyond the point of no return, even if all we find once we pass it is bitterness.

The good news is that this year — this glorious, all-encompassing clusterfuck of a year — provides a universal, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn patience. If you’re not adding at least a little extension chord to your fuse this year, you’ll waste this opportunity.

Maybe, you’ve already leveled up your endurance barometer. Maybe, you got tired of exploding at every little and big inconvenience because there were too many to blow up at. Then again, maybe, you haven’t.

Maybe, you were too busy imploding from a life-changing disaster to notice how much else was going on. Maybe, you didn’t give up crashing and burning just yet. Maybe, you even bottled up your anger, and you still haven’t found a time and a place to release it all in one go.

Whatever nightmare you’re waiting to be released from, consider this: The champagne-uncorking feeling of relief you long for might never come — but you can just keep waiting. A nightmare is still just a dream, and, eventually, all dreams end. One morning, you’ll wake up and realize: I’m still here, and today, the sun is actually shining.



Niklas Göke

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