The Moment Your True Life Begins

We’re not struggling to survive. We lack the courage to thrive.

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Kill what doesn’t make you stronger. Even if it means killing something you love.

We have so much of the comfort our ancestors craved that we’re suffocating from it. One pleasure at a time, we’re numbing our brains, medicating from one boring day to the next. Of course, we do it in small doses. Most of us never alert their doctor, their friends, their authorities. A pill at a festival here, a vacation that leaves you broke there, just enough damage to justify returning to our normal, steady, waiting-for-the-end-to-come pace. But that’s not living.

If you’re waiting to change until you can do it while bouncing back from some large-scale disaster, you’ll spend your whole life waiting for a day that might never come.

Flipping Nietzsche’s script will provide the backdrop for our transition from a survivor’s mindset to a thriver’s mindset. Committing to the right, small actions every day is a different game than struggling to return to stability, and it rests on having space. Emptiness. Room in your life that’s unfilled. Not littered with distractions that round out your routine. You need a blank canvas. That canvas will be shaped with a single word: no.

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