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Money from a time when it wasn’t worth much: a 200 billion (!) German Mark note my grandma recently brought over.

The Evolution Of How I Think About Money

18 Lessons About Managing & Making Dollars 💵

Age 0–12: What’s money?

Age 13–15: If you wait long enough, money might fall from the sky.

Age 16: More education = more money.

Age 18: Money = Happiness.

Age 21: Money ≠ Happiness. Money = Painkiller.

Age 23: Making money is hard.

Age 24: Making money is easy.

Age 24: Never trade time for money.

Age 24: Making money the right way is hard.

Age 24: Money isn’t linear.

Age 24: Money isn’t fast.

Age 24: Invest in yourself.

Age 25: Money doesn’t always make sense.

Age 25: Making money without sacrificing your health is hard.

Age 25: Give value for money.

Age 26: Buy back time with money.

Age 26: Money buys options.

Age 26: Money = Freedom.

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