The daily writing and (re)publishing schedule I had kept my attention per piece thin. I’ve known that for a while and I think it’s what’s kept me from landing bigger hits on Medium. It’s good enough, but I want to get to the next level. That’s one aspect.

Another is that one of the main reasons I’m trying to build this online lifestyle is I want to have guilt-free time off. I realized there’s no way to reach this goal if I can’t have guilt-free time off on the way there. I was on a trip with my Dad this week and while I had everything set up and ready to go for each day, I felt like I should have the right to just let everything go for a few days. That’s the whole point.

The funny thing is, I do love writing every day. But I also have my ideas of what’s a good income, what do I need to live the life I want, etc. So the way to a life where all I have to do is write free articles and Quora answers comes much at the cost of writing free articles and Quora answers. I’ll focus on more paid products/articles I’ve been procrastinating on for a while. I’ll still publish regularly in the usual places, just less.

Hope that sheds some more light!

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