The 4 Smartest Ways to Become Smarter

Build intelligence on autopilot with a few tweaks to your day

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1. When you feel curious, start digging

The first and most important step of becoming a learning machine is to not cut your curiosity off at the knees.

2. Read

Confucius supposedly said: “You cannot open a book without learning something.” Actually, you can’t read a sentence without learning something.

3. Listen

One of my favorite zen stories is “the four monks:”

4. Think

The goal of googling is acquiring facts. The goal of reading is acquiring ideas. The goal of listening is understanding humans. Thinking is how you combine all three into one coherent picture of the world.

  1. Read everything. It’ll add up later and will inspire you to read more.
  2. Listen, always. You’re never done understanding others.
  3. Think, all the time. Use even small time blocks to exercise your mind.

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