That’s exactly why we need you to come in and show us how to break these predictable patterns.

I’m a lot younger than you and I’m only one writer with one point of view. The value of Medium lies not in the right writer getting the most claps or whatever, but in a multitude of writers with different perspectives.

Since you’re good at digging up patterns and have seen and learned so much already, I think you could really help us all broaden our perspective. Just write something on your own in whatever style you like. There are no rules, these are just trends. But you can create your own if you make something that speaks to people.

I’d be excited to read an article from you and I think critical feedback is important, but often my time is better spent writing the next article and trying to be better than considering what everyone has to say. I hope you’ll share your perspectives with us.

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I tell stories to help you live better. I’ll treat you with respect and value your time. I promise. Join 80,000 others. ⤵

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