Thank you! Well, if you start with self-awareness as a cognitive state, I think it does. The first part is observing yourself in real-time.

I read about that external/internal distinction as well. External is real, that matters and that’s basically what I’d be aiming for with staying somewhat ‘meta’ in your mind as you go about your day.

Internal helps you only so much, because whatever you find there you don’t like, you can change. What good does it do if you identify yourself as someone who’s, say, a bad singer, if singing is what you really want to do? Just get better and use external feedback to accomplish that along the way.

I think who you want to be radiates from the inside out and the outside-in-lane for feedback mostly serves adjusting your inside to be in line with that vision.

Hope that explains how I see it a bit better, let me know your thoughts!

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