Thank you! Looking forward to what you’ll have to share! Hashgraph is a DAG (directed, acyclic graph), which means the underlying structure of how the network is built is different from a blockchain.

A DAG uses pointers from previous nodes to verify future ones, if Im not mistaken. Thus, the structure builds like a fan or tree, which gets wider and narrower at times, depending on how much activity’s in the network. This promises to be faster in throughput, but has some tradeoffs. Security for DAGs has been an issue in the past (IOTA), because of this structure and nodes communicating more actively.

Blockchain acts more like a tree trunk, it grows piece by piece, which is a lot slower, but each piece is 100% secured and verified before it gets added to the trunk.

I guess the best we can do is to wait and see. By the way I like this presentation of Hashgraph, as it compares different consensus algorithms well:

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