Such a great article with so many takeaways, thank you!

A few notes for myself:

  • The perception of sex as a solo recreational activity has changed and we tend to decouple porn use from our sex lives, which isn’t necessarily true.
  • Helicopter parents and workload in school and spare time lead teens to have less time to just play, which includes playing with themselves or one another. Give the kids some room (or a room, maybe?)
  • Online dating is not just inefficient, it has compromised much of our ability to talk to one another in real person. Everyone dreams of meeting someone offline, but when it actually happens, we’re creeped out. We don’t believe in the possibility, so if it materializes against the odds, we strike it down for it’s too good to be true.
  • Porn has invaded our ideas of what sex should look like and if we live by those ideas, instead of discovering sex specifically with each partner, we tend to smother one another. This is especially problematic for women, who generally experience more pain and are reluctant to speak about it.
  • Millennials don’t like to get naked because, at large, they don’t feel comfortable in their bodies. But if we’re not used to getting naked in the gym, the sauna, or in front of a doctor, how are we gonna do it in front of a partner, a love interest, a stranger?

A fascinating read, I feel I will come back to this many times. Thank you!

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