Pep Talk

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You can smile.

You can laugh.

You can dance.

You have the capacity to be happy.

You aren’t normal, but you’re also not weird.

You’re human. That’s the only thing there is.

You look like you. Not good or bad. Not pretty or ugly. Just you.

You smell like you.

You talk like you.

You move like you.

You do you. Don’t forget.

You’re allowed to fail.

You’re allowed to hurt.

You’re allowed to have flaws.

You can change.

You can let go.

You can hit pause.

You can quit.

You can start over.

You can choose something different than you did yesterday.

You control more than you think you do — and everything you don’t doesn’t matter.

You mean something to someone.

Someone looks up to you.

Someone wants to be more like you.

Someone is betting on you.

Someone believes in you.

Someone wants to help you.

Someone wants to see you succeed.

Someone longs for you.

Someone misses you.

Someone accepts you.

Someone loves you.

Someone will cry when you die.

You’re allowed to cry.

You’re allowed to love.

You’re allowed to miss people when they’re gone.

You’re not alone.

You can share your weight.

You’re not the only one.

You can connect.

You can speak up.

You can lend a helping hand.

You can forgive.

You can forget.

You can try again.

You can change others.

You can lead.

You can be a good example. It’s never too late for that, you know?

You have something to share.

Your input matters.

You made a difference. You always have and always will.

You can love.

You can heal.

You can persist.

You are loved.

You are here.

You are missed.

You are the one we need.

I just wanted you to know.

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