If you have the time to wait and then get a scholarship for college, that’s smart. Don’t pay to learn if you can get paid to.

It’s been 1.5 years since you commented on my article. I see you wrote a lot last year. That’s great. But from your last review I can also see that you’re too vague.

You’re on all channels, but not really growing on any. You want to be huge, but you have no clear picture of how and what and why. Of course, you’re young. You can’t possibly have enough skills or experience. But that’s what you need.

So forget managing 17 social media channels. You’re not Gary. I love the guy too, but even he got big on Twitter first. Focus on one. One thing. One channel. And go hard on that.

You won’t know which one it is so just pick one and go. Writing. Making videos. Whatever. But go all-in. You can switch later.

But if you continue to spread yourself thin, you won’t make any progress. Neither with your brand online nor with getting the skills you need to know where you want to go. It’ll just be a slow, frustrating trickle with no insights.

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