I think that’s exactly how happiness works, actually. To make it last, you have to give it away. It multiplies when you share it.

Nothing in life is a one-way street. You having processed your heartbreak enough to write about it and let it go is one side of the coin. I think the other is that, once you do, that piece of writing is also like a scar. It lives out there on its own, forever, but it’ll always be tied to you. And that strengthens the sad part of who you are. So you’ll likely come back and write another.

This isn’t so much about perception as it is about who you become based on what you write about. Say you wrote one happy piece for one sad piece each. Sure, we’d see you as a more balanced writer. But maybe you’d also become a more balanced person because of it.

Just some random thoughts. Merry Christmas!

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