I Just Published My First Book

It’s called The 4 Minute Millionaire, and you can buy it for $4

Niklas Göke
2 min readDec 7, 2021

When I started writing 7 years ago, I never thought I’d say this, but: Today, I published my first book! 📗 🎉

Here’s my 30-second pitch:

The 4 Minute Millionaire is a collection of 44 lessons to help you move towards financial freedom in just 4 minutes a day.

Sourced from the world’s leading money experts, most successful investors, and my own journey to financial independence, each lesson comes with a short, realistic action item you can complete quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

Whether you want to build a saving habit, pay off debt, or invest like the pros — if you’re ready to look at money from a new perspective and build long-term wealth, this book is for you.

There is so much to say about this book and where it came from, I’m not quite sure where to start, and I’d probably ramble too much. Therefore, I shall leave it at two things:

  1. Books are the endgame for every “writer writer.” I decided to finally start writing books a year ago. I started 4 of them. I finished one. It’s a different beast, but having overcome the first obstacle, I hope to write many more over the years and bring you joy and value.
  2. If you took the best personal finance books of the last 70 years, picked only their best ideas, and assembled them in roughly chronological order of when people need them, this book would be the result. Of course, it also includes entirely new ideas…

…and it’s all manageable to read because it only takes 4 minutes a day!

How much is the book? $4. Of course. The ebook is out, paperback will follow in a few days.

For now, I’ll shut up, thank you for your support, and say: Here’s to the first of many.

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