I don’t know which ones are good and which ones are bad. No one ever does until they try. So I try and test them in the smallest ways possible. But I have enough to go through that I’m confident if I tried all of them, enough would work to get me to my goal.

For example, in exploring if people are ready to pay for a certain topic, I made a mini product and sell it through my email list. I’ll monitor the response and then try a product at a higher level and price point. I can iterate this until I hit a ceiling or if I find out people aren’t willing to pay to learn more about this topic.

I’m getting my Master’s in Management & Technology at TU Munich and I’ve been working online, writing, coaching, translating etc. since 2014.

Currently I’m working on the above, as well as adding an audio program to my book summaries and making Skillshare courses.

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