How To Repair Your Relationship With Passion & Work

Make the P-Turn

Stuck In Passion…

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We could have been so great together.

I stopped. Over and over, I stopped.

…Stuck At Work

What If You Did The Opposite?

What if you made a U-turn from passion to profession and vice versa?

Treat Your Passion Like Your Profession…

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Let’s…not do that.
1. We show up every day. 
2. We show up no matter what.
3. We stay on the job all day.
4. We are committed over the long haul.
5. The stakes for us are high and real.
6. We accept remuneration for our labor.
7. We do not overidentify with our jobs
8. We master the technique of our jobs.
9. We have a sense of humor about our jobs.
10.We receive praise or blame in the real world.

…And Your Profession Like It’s Your Passion

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Easy as A-M-P.



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Tap…aaaand hooked.


Which One’s The Unlock?

Mastery is a gateway to autonomy and purpose.

Wait A Second…

Autonomy, mastery and purpose are all about how you work, not what you do.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

When you’re a craftsman, all work serves a purpose.

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