How To Remember Twice as Much

Learn to memorize 10+ items in just 4 minutes

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  1. Now, imagine the hen and a ham. There’s a large ham, lying on the floor, and the hen is running for it, jumping on it, almost attacking it as she feasts on the large, pink chunk of meat.
  2. Take that same ham, and add to it a hare. The hare is inspecting the ham. He’s rolling it with great effort. The hare is sweating. He pushes the ham.
  3. Next, let the hare run down a hill. As fast as he can, the hare sprints down the hill. Surrounded by grass, looking back over his shoulder for predators, the hare races towards the bottom of the hill.
  4. Now, picture a massive, giant shoe dropping on the hill. The sky darkens. A huge, leathery boot approaches. With great thunder, it stomps on the hill and begins to slide down. You could live in this shoe. It’s huge, and it moves across the hill.
  5. As it moves down the hill, the shoe kicks a cow. See a cow, grazing on the green pastures of the hill. Her eyes widen. She’s startled. The giant boot has kicked her in the butt. She’s scared. She kicks up her feet and starts running away.
  6. Next, imagine the cow striking a hive. As the cow runs, she spots a bee hive. The hive is buzzing. Thousands of bees swarm around it. The cow is in rage, and so she charges at the hive, knocking it over with her horns.
  7. Now, the ape spots the hive. The hive rolls around on the floor. An ape wanders by. He stops. The ape gazes at the rolling hive. He scratches his head.
  8. Finally, let the ape monkey around in the woods. The ape trots off into the nearby forest. See him swinging from tree to tree, having fun. The ape is doing his thing in the woods.

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