How to Look Interested on a Zoom Call

4 body language tips to go from boredom to genuine fascination

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Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

1. Lean forward

Leaning forward is the business equivalent of scooting towards the edge of your seat while watching a movie: It literally shows you’re “drawn in” to the situation.

2. Nod

I nod along so much in conversation, you’d think I’m a bobblehead. I do it because it’s a nice, silent way of acknowledging what’s being said.

3. Smile

If you don’t smile a lot, making a grumpy face loses its power. A frustrated look can send an important signal, but if it’s the default on your face, no one will know when something is actually wrong. It’s a bit like a child lying about being sick too often — eventually, no one will believe him when it really hurts.

4. Use hand gestures

Using your hands will lighten the mood of a meeting and get important points across. Visuals intuitively allow us to process information faster, even if we don’t realize how it’s happening.

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