Hi Erica, appreciate the post and have actually decided to end my own weekly newsletter, which I’ve been running without fail for two years. I have multiple reasons, but your essay helped my thinking process. Thank you!

One note I have is that, given some of the things you called out about vanity and being an unpaid intern for Mailchimp, I’d love to not see 3 links out of 4 in this entire post going to your book preorder page and Twitter. I’m a writer, but I’m also a reader — and I pay $5 for Medium each month to read great stuff like this. But, since this is a paid column, I don’t want to be advertised to in it.

If I want to learn more about you, I’ll find you through the links in your bio. At least, these links don’t feel like they add much to the post in this case. They rather contradict its message.

That said, again, good message indeed, thanks for helping me think through my own vanity, branding, and shouting issues. Hope to read more from you!

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