Haha, how funny is that, well, lucky for us nerds are cool now. 😎

I have to say I don’t recall consciously doing that.

I tried not to brag and I think I did an okay job at that. I also had to learn to stay patient in conversation, because sometimes, I already know what people are about to tell me in the next 30 seconds, so I wanna jump over that part and be like “yeah, yeah, I know, let’s move on.”

But in school, everyone knew I was smart and whenever I knew the answer to a question, I raised my hand. Well, sometimes I wouldn’t, when it was like my 4th answer in a row, but then occasionally the teacher would ask me anyway, because no one was answering…

I just did my best to be nice and get along with everyone and for the most part, I did. I think what helped was that the people who really knew me also knew I wasn’t doing much for school, so they couldn’t really put me in the ‘nerd’ category. I just happened to know a lot of stuff and I think for most people that was okay.

I lose a lot more friends over what I write vs. what I know.

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