Great call to publish this prompt! I just left some feedback on some of your articles. Here are my favorites of yours:

What these all share is that the takeaway comes out of your experience. You share your story, then give us the lesson you learned. They’re relatable. Powerful. So definitely more of these.

The other question to ask is: “What can I write about when I don’t have any experience?” So explore with how you can say interesting things even though you’ve only observed, not experienced.

The other thing I’d like to see more of (in general, not just from you) is . Stuff that’s not obviously beneficial or instantly actionable, but rather makes me think and forces me to come to my own conclusions.

Lastly, it’s great that you’re looking for feedback, but don’t let it become an end in itself. You’re the last stop. When in doubt, write what you want. We’ll appreciate you more for it.

Keep it up!

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