Good analysis, my colleague! 😁I agree with the main statement: Medium’s best as one of several income streams. So far, the volatility of payouts is way too high. Diversification is a must, the tough part for me is where to draw the line in using my Medium platform to do so without compromising the fact that I’m providing a service here people are paying for. That’s why I have no CTAs in my posts but a link to my newsletter in my bio. Of course, you want to use what you’ve built here to some extent. On the other hand, if you can build a different project, say a Wordpress blog, and learn to grow it without relying on Medium at all, that’s another asset in and of itself — you’re diversified even more. Personally, I’m leaning towards trying self-publishing next, along with another idea: Aggregate all your content from platforms on your website, then let people support you directly via Patreon or a similar fan-to-artist model. Looking forward to following your journey and learning from it, as I have been for a while!

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