Great question!

First, I don’t try to convince them of anything. When you get that question, they’ve already made up their mind about you. Sometimes, I’ll try to give a funny response, but only if one comes to mind.

Second, I know that we all experience what life is really like all the time. What a nonsensical judgment to make. It’s predicated on the idea that just because you have more experience, that experience is also more valuable.

Third, I know that we all grow up and get older only once. In our time. If they’re that much older, that means they grew up in a different time, therefore, whatever rules applied back then might not apply any more. Especially with how fast the rules keep changing today.

My own parents don’t quite understand what I do and they were also very skeptical about whether it would work. But they supported me regardless. Those are the people you’ll want to keep around :)

I guess in a nutshell, my response is “we’ll see.” Both inside and out.

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