Feather, Brick, Truck: Your 3 Chances to Solve Any Problem

If you ignore them, life will run you over

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Once a Feather

The first time a problem occurs in your life, it will feel like a feather.

Twice a Brick

The second time a problem shows up, it will feel like a brick to the face.

Third Time’s the Alarm

The third time a problem appears, it won’t knock on your door. It will bulldoze your whole house.

Words to Live By

Four years ago, a virus wiped me out for a week. The statistics still scare me today: I broke every habit I had, slept 70+ hours in 7 days, lost 5 pounds, and ate just one meal per day. It was a real wake-up call.

All You Need to Know

Life gives us three chances to address every problem. First, it will straddle you with a feather. Next, it will hurl a brick in your direction. Finally, if you really refuse to listen, life will run you over like a truck.

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